Trends in people Buying Handmade Products

Some years after they almost went extinct, handmade products have become a phenomenal source of sustained demand for sellers and a common commodity of interest for buyers from all walks of life, handmade products seem to be subtly yet rapidly taking over a substantial percentage of the global market.

Here are a few statistics that portray the general market behavior of people towards handmade products in recent times.

  • At least 50% of people who want to get gifts for their loved ones during the holidays prefer handmade products.
  • While men also purchase them, about 70% of people who buy handmade products are women. It is assumed that this is because they are generally more spenders than men and that they tend to be more concerned about getting gifts for family and friends and standing out among other people.
  • About 60 % of the people who are buying handmades regularly are young people, within the ages of 16 to 45.
  • 85% of people who buy handmade products tend to buy much more when they are closer in location to or in direct contact with the product maker.
  • Commodities like gifts and accessories are usually in more demand than other kinds of product.

Why Most People Would Choose Handmade over Machine Made


Just knowing that you can own something that reflects your personality in a way that is peculiar to you alone is a huge motivation in the buying of handmade products.

Product Quality

People who patronize hand made products testify that they are generally if better quality than machine-made products.

Beauty and Aesthetics

No doubt, machine produced materials are beautiful. However, handmade wares, much like earthenware exude a more 'down-to-earth' kind of beauty. Most people believe that handmade fashion accessories show a level of confidence in one's own fashion style.