About Us

“That's the thing with handmade items. They still have the person's mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.”

― Aimee Bender, The Color Master: Stories

At Indus Valley Handmades, every handcrafted piece an expression of fine individuality as none of the unique products are mass-produced.  Our collection of male and female accessories is purely hand-drawn and hand-painted from a very raw art form. Our exquisite and high-quality leather and silk products are made from pure materials.


Indus valley civilization (2600-1700BC) is older than Egyptians and Mayans that appeared on one of the world’s longest rivers, Indus, carved out by the Himalayan water. It’s one of the most sophisticated cities, Mohenjo Daro benefited by the ideal agricultural conditions, became first ever to grow cotton to produce fabric. Ancient paintings of Indus civilizations found in caves show fabrics were made in solid colours, hand woven, hand embroided and painted in animals, floral and geometric motifs. Different lengths of fabric were used as wraps around legs, necks and waist.

This civilization mysteriously vanished but the art culture still lives in many parts of Pakistan in the shape of hand painted cotton, wool and silk scarfs, dupattas, saris and other forms. Indus Valley brings all the colours and excitement of the hand work to the world to date.



Established in the year 2008, we have evolved ourselves as a prominent producer with exquisite range of handmade fashion accessories.

Indus Valley Handmades has successfully marinated the local indigenous culture of Pakistan with the European culture and our items has successfully created a place in everyone’s heart.

Every Indus Valley handmade item is a masterpiece that showcases natural and exceptional craftsmanship. We have proven to be a master creator and producer of exquisite hand-painted and crafted items.

Our products are

Hand drawn and hand painted pure leather bags

Hand drawn and hand painted pure leather wallets

Hand drawn and hand painted pure leather bags and matching wallets

Hand drawn and hand painted pure silk scarfs

Hand painted pure silk ties, hankies and cuff links


Why Our Handmade products?

“It is fairy dust and wanderlust that guide our hands to create what our hearts desire.”

― Gayle Wray

At Indus Valley, each of our scarf tells a story. It all starts from a unique and innovative idea which is formulated by our local designers; one that has a high possibility of becoming your favourite item in the wardrobe. The idea is given life with colours and art by our professional and local artists. Each and every line is drawn and painted by hands making it a masterpiece that was never made before.



The Indus Valley hand-painted bag is everything you need for a uniqueness in your lifestyle. Crafted from 100% organic leather and attention to detail are strength of the brand.

The designs of the bags are hand-drawn. Its structure and colour are themed with a touch of love. The designs cannot be seen elsewhere because they are especially hand-drawn by an artist. Nothing is mass-produced, and everything is one of a kind.




We ensure that our production facilities are smoke-free and pet free


We do hope you enjoy our handmade fashionable products. It has always been our sole aim to bring comfort and satisfaction to our customers. Our products are likely to be your favorite out of your collections, graced with an elevated style of natural art, conjured out of brilliant ideas and distributed worldwide. Behind our success story is our quest for bringing premium quality handmade products to your door step.


We will never fail to supply you with the best art pieces

We will never disappoint!