Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag
Floral Style Handbag

Floral Style Handbag

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Your fashion sense is a true representation of your personality. This Indus Valley handmade bag is everything you need for a little extra style. This design is a beautiful merger of brown and black. Brown is chosen by the nature as a feeling of wholesomeness, durability and honesty. Black on the other hand has added luxury and sophistication in this design. Without a shadow of a doubt, this color combination will go with most of your outfits on any kind of occasion with its unique and classy floral pattern. Brown flowers on the black background are subtle nothing too flashy but still reflect your taste for nature and attention to details.

Never Go Unnoticed, Buy Our Handmades

Crafted from the purest of cow leather, this handmade bag features;

  • The design is specially hand drawn and painted by hands
  • A secure magnetic closure
  • An interior zipped pocket
  • An adjustable and detachable handle
  • Small handles perfect for over the shoulder hanging


Width: 10.5”/26.5cm

Height: 13”/33.02cm

Depth: 6”/15cm

Weight: 2.20Lbs./1Kgs.

No mass production and no two items are exactly alike

How this piece of Art is produced

Our journey begins with the procurement of finest quality leather. After ensuring that the surface of the leather is perfectly smooth, it is tanned into bright colors that ablaze your eyes with the sense of joy. Our artists draw and paint their hearts on the piece of leather, each item is painted individually so no two pieces are alike. We make certain that the natural grain and smoothness of the leather is retained. Cutting and stitching process provides the basic structure to the item and to add accessories. This unique product is ready to be a part of your lifestyle.

We take time to focus and care for each item so that the end product is a well-crafted and gorgeous product made with love. When you buy handmade products, the values you get include;

  • Unique products made with care.
  • One of a kind product, with no two items looking exactly alike.
  • Items hand-wrapped with loads of love.
  • Proven support for art and the respective artist. 

NOTE: You have complete freedom to buy both the bag and the wallet or either of your choice.